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Specific rating 2x2 (EU)

  • Name

    Specific rating
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  • Time start

    Within 1 h.
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Short description

Specific rating 2x2

You will receive

• Conquest points for weekly rewards, which depend on your rating.
• You will get 1-3 pvp items to choose from in a weekly chest (depending on the number of games). Its level depends on the current rating.
• With conquest points, you can purchase items whose quality depends on the current rating:
RankRatingItem level
No rank0 – 1399220 (233 pvp)
Combatant1400 – 1599226 (239 pvp)
Challenger 1600 – 1799233 (246 pvp)
Rival 1800 – 2099239 (252 pvp)
Duelist 2100 – 2399246 (259 pvp)
Gladiator 2400+246 (259 pvp)

Detailed description

0-1800 can be selfplay (1800 in 3x3). 2100-2400 with pilot only, or buy hours with gladiators

More description


We guarantee to raise your rating to the ordered one.
The service is usually performed by selfplay, but it depends on your level and skill of the game. If you want a high rating, but don't know how to play, the service can only be performed by pilot (that is, another person will log in to your account).

Completion Time

Start within 10-60 minuts (working daily from 12.00 until 12.00)

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Possible options

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Payment method


For PayPal payment contact our support agent

For this amount, you will receive the service in the specified amount. In case of non-fulfillment of our obligations, all funds will be returned in full, or the service will be performed again (at your choice).