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pvp with gladiators, 1 hour (EU)

  • Name

    Arena coaching
  • Region

  • Variant

  • Time start

    Within 24 h.
  • Event


Short description

Arena 2x2, coaching with Glad

You will receive

• Conquest points for weekly rewards, which depend on your rating.
• You will get 1-3 pvp items to choose from in a weekly chest (depending on the number of games). Its level depends on the current rating.
• With conquest points, you can purchase items whose quality depends on the current rating:
RankRatingAll PVP Ilvl
No rank0 – 1399200
Combatant1400 – 1599207
Challenger 1600 – 1799213
Rival 1800 – 2099220
Duelist 2100 – 2399226
Gladiator 2400+233

Detailed description

pay per hour

More description


• A Gladiator player with a specialization that suits you will play with you for an hour, and conduct training via voice chat.
• Usually a rating increase, but we cannot guarantee you any rating. It depends on your current rating, ilvl, game skill, and so on.

Completion Time

Start within 10-60 minuts (working daily from 12.00 until 12.00)

The information of the customer


Options included (for free)

Selfplay, Gladiator

Possible options

Side:  *  


Payment method


For PayPal payment contact our support agent

For this amount, you will receive the service in the specified amount. In case of non-fulfillment of our obligations, all funds will be returned in full, or the service will be performed again (at your choice).