Boost mythic+10 key dungeon in World of Warcraft for 385+ rewards

Weekly best 2-3 guaranteed rewards 385 (10 key)

Weekly rewards
Buy for 40

Type: mythic+ dungeon boost Wow

Completion Time:

Within an hour (working daily from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m.)


Level 120 character, alliance , selfplay

If you order boost in 10 key you will receive:

• A mythic +10 dungeon completed with a personal loot chest for you (3 items 370+ ilvl on the party)
• A guaranteed at the end of the week:
  1. item 380+ ilvl (or azerite item 385 ilvl)
  2. Much azerite for amulet

• All loot (370+ ilvl, 3 items per group) and azerite obtained during the boosting process


Our most qualified professional boosters complete a Weekly Best 385+ boost for you! Just like any other WoW service Game auction provides, the Weekly Best 385+ boost will be completed in the most efficient way and in no time!

It’s hard not to like Mythic+ dungeons, because where else except for raids do you think you can get such splendid items? 385+ ilvl is not a joke! Yes, we know, only one such item per week, but, hey, slow and sure has never been a bad thing, has it? However, you also should know that good things always come at a price: Mythic+ dungeons are some kind of a claw machine, so get ready to take pains! Or you can turn a claw machine into a vending one: choose boosts!

Game auction is good at everything Warcraft-related, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you are stuck with those Mythic+ dungeons and need help!

Our WoW professionals will do everything fast and neatly: an hour and your troubles disappear, as you become one 385+ ilvl item cooler! No nerves and/or time wasted! By the way, you don’t really even need a 10 key of your own to get into the instance, as our boosters always have one!

Game auction is known for relying on its own in-service boosters only! Be it raiders or PVP professionals, or players that boost your character through Legion Mythic 10 dungeons – it doesn’t really matter! You can trust our people, as we trust them, and you trust us! You can be very certain that you are not running risks of losing any in-gamine items or currency and of having your WoW friends flabbergasted with some unexpected messages full of profanity from our booster! Not our kind of issue!

Additional options:

  • Express - We will make sure that you start as soon as possible and get the very best team on EU region, that will sweep over the dungeons with you at extreme speed, you'll have to do your best to keep up with them! (or their stream in case of piloted option)
  • Extra loot (VIP) - We will arrange a party with the same armor type as you are (full leather party, for example), so you get as much loot as possible.