Uldir (heroic) loot run


Completion Time:

1-2 days


• Level 120 character
• Compatible raid cooldown on a selected character

If you order Uldir (Heroic) Personal Loot Run you will receive:

• A complete Personal Loot run with a kill for each of 8 bosses in Heroic Uldir (item level 370+)
• Chance to get loot from bosses (4 items on average per run)
• New achievements: Halls of Containment, Crimson Descent, Heart of Corruption
• New «Ahead of the Curve: G'huun» limited achievement.

Options description:

Pilot - You will need to pass your login and password to another person to follow your character. During the raid will be conducted online broadcast.
Selfplay – The service is done with you playing on your character. You will be able to experience every exciting event you’ve paid for and see all the bosses with your own eyes!


Our professional raiders will boost your character through Uldir (heroic) in the shortest time possible!
Usually we complete the raid within 1.5-2 hours.