Boost mythic+6 key dungeon in World of Warcraft for 395+ rewards

Dungeon mythic+ 6 key (395+ rewards)

Weekly rewards
Buy for 14

Type: mythic+ dungeon boost Wow

Completion Time:

Within an hour (working daily from 3 p.m. until 1 a.m.)


Level 120 character, selfplay

If you order boost in 6 key you will receive:

• A mythic +6 dungeon completed with a personal loot chest for you (3 items 385+ ilvl on the party and Azerite)
• A guaranteed at the end of the week:
  1. item 395+ ilvl
  2. Small amount Titan Residuum
  3. Much azerite for amulet


Our most qualified professional boosters complete a Weekly 395+ boost for you! Just like any other WoW service Game auction provides, the Weekly 395+ boost will be completed in the most efficient way and in no time!

It’s hard not to like Mythic+ dungeons, because where else except for raids do you think you can get such splendid items? 395+ ilvl is not a joke! Yes, we know, only one such item per week, but, hey, slow and sure has never been a bad thing, has it? However, you also should know that good things always come at a price: Mythic+ dungeons are some kind of a claw machine, so get ready to take pains! Or you can turn a claw machine into a vending one: choose boosts!

Game auction is good at everything Warcraft-related, so don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as you are stuck with those Mythic+ dungeons and need help!

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Additional options:

  • • Extra loot (VIP) - Our players will give all dropped into the dungeon loot that they can. Price: +7 €
  • • Special team (VIP) - we will invite in the group of 2 people with your type of armor for bonus loot, which suits you. Price: +4 €
  • • Special dungeon (VIP) - You can order a dungeon of your choice and we will find it for you in no time (10-30 minutes). Price: +4 €