pvp with gladiators, 1 hour

pvp with gladiators, 1 hour

Buy for 30

pvp boost Wow

Completion Time:

Within 1 hour (working daily from 1 p.m. until 1 a.m.)


Level 120 character

If you order pvp you will receive:

• A Gladiator player with a specialization that suits you will play with you for an hour, and conduct training via voice chat.
• Usually a rating increase, but it depends on your current rating, ilvl, game skill, and so on.
• Conquest points for weekly rewards, which depend on your rating (445-475)
• Multiple pvp containers in the process, including items that depend on your rating (445-465)
RankRatingEnd of matchWeeklt chestWeekly azerite
No rank0 – 1399430445445
Combatant1400 – 1599440455460
Challenger 1600 – 1799450460460
Rival 1800 – 2099455465475
Duelist 2100 – 2399460470475
Elite 2400+465475475


Coaching services consist in you playing with top players in 2v2 or 3v3 rated arenas, according to the subcategory you are browsing. Our players will teach you the secrets of the comp you will be playing (example: Rogue – Mage – Priest) and help you become a better player. The true secret to improving your skills is playing with players who have more experience than you, as you will constantly learn from every single game. We also entrust our boosters with patience and professionalism – ask them for tips and they are obliged to help you in their best possibilities! This is not just about queueing with great players. They will effectively enhance your understanding of PvP and you will notice the difference after completing your session.

Service’s details

This service is time-based. Slide the selectors on the bar to pick the amount of time you want to play for, in 2v2 or 3v3. Due to the nature of this service, we cannot guarantee you any rating. We have no idea about your skill level and you will effectively influence the outcome of the match even if you are playing with two Blizzcon competitors, or winners! However, buying more hours should effectively increase your rating, unless you hit a plateau where you need more time to improve as your coaches might not be able to carry the game without your consistent help.

Service process

After purchasing the service, we will keep you on hold until a team has accepted your service. Because of wanting to offer the best possible service, we want to make sure we can find a reliable team that can play with you as soon as possible, and that also has experience with the comp you want to play. We do not want to let you waste your time and money with good players who maybe have no idea about the comp you like to play as they will effectively not behave as Rank 1 Players, for example, if they are not sure about how your comp works. Please understand that our supporters will spam all of our contacts in order to find a team as quickly as possible. After finding a team, we will put you in touch with them over a Skype conversation, where our supporters will also be present - they will be forced to communicate with you on voice and by text chat in that conversation. Please refrain from communicating elsewhere as we want to have all proof of communication in our hands in case of issues with your coaches. We also suggest you record the games (at least the voice) you play so that you can show us proof of any toxic behaviour you’d like to report. Boosters will be paid less in case of a bad performance, which allows us to compensate you as well.

Additional options:

  • • Additional conditions are possible! Write to us and we will help you to solve your problem.